DRT-trax Rubber Pads

DRT-trax are produced in partnership with a non-Chinese factory that produce rubber pads under licence for a famous Japanese rubber pad supplier. 

DRT-trax range of rubber pads are available in widths from 250mm - 700mm. These are suitable for most makes and models of excavators ranging from 3 - 30 tonnes.

There are three main variations in the DRT-trax rubber pads:

1.  Bolt-on  -  bolt through existing pre-drilled grousers

2. Clip-on  -  come with brackets to hold pad to non-drilled track shoes

3. Chain-on  - bolt direct to track chain without track shoes

DRT-trax rubber pads as standard bolt-on are supplied with:

  • heavy 4mm pressed steel backing - extra strength to resist buckling
  • chrome domed nuts - protect the threads for easier removal
  • high tensile bolts - less breakage
  • exceptional high tech rubber compound - proven to last longer

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