DRT-trax Over Tyre Tracks

DRT-trax Over Tyre Tracks are a steel track option which means that every part is fully replaceable.  Unlike the all rubber Over Tyre Tracks, if you drive over a stake and/or break a part, a couple of bolts later and you are back at work.

The DRT-trax Over Tyre Tracks are available in two styles – all steel and steel with replaceable rubber pads.

All Steel Over Tyre Tracks:

The all steel option is perfect for tough and abrasive applications, cheaper and simpler but the same rugged strength, the tracks will mean you can take your machine almost anywhere!

Steel with Rubber Over Tyre Tracks:

Do you also need to cross paved surfaces without damaging the surface?

If so then the steel with rubber Over Tyre Tracks are your best option.  These ore our most popular option.

The rubber pads are easily replaceable as are all the links and bolts.  You will never need to chuck these out!  A few new parts and keep on tracking.

Wheel spacer kits are available if you need more clearance between the side of your tyres and the frame of your machine.  Also check your wheels.  Many American loaders are fitted with offset rims, swap them around and the extra room is yours for free!